Day 9 of Keysight University Live from the Lab

Schedule of Events

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March 15

Day 1: Benchtop Bonanza

See how your bench stacks up with the "Essential tools every electronics lab needs" episode. Also, watch the release of a brand new line of Keysight benchtop gear and an interview with the R&D lead on the project.

March 16

Day 2: FieldFox Frenzy

How are your RF field testing skills? We test out an urban legend about boosting wireless car key fob signals in the "Wireless Car Key Showdown" episode. Plus, take a look at some unconventional RF measurements with Sarah Gross, FieldFox product marketer and RF test expert.

March 17

Day 3: Oscilloscopes!

Beginners get to learn how to use an oscilloscope, and experts get to pick up some new tips in this day's oscilloscope tutorial. And, see an interview with Keysight CTO Jay Alexander about the changing world of test & measurement.

March 18

Day 4: 5G is the Future

Get a 5G crash course in the "5 Reasons 5G is the Future" episode, and dive deeper into 5G as we sit down with Kailash Narayanan, President of Keysight's Wireless Communication Group.

March 19

Day 5: Function Generators and Quantum Computing

Can a cheap eBay XR2206 function generator kit stand up against a benchtop function generator? Find out in this "DIY or Buy?" episode. Plus, learn about quantum computing and the state of quantum from Liz Ruetsch, VP and GM of Keysight's Quantum Electronics group.

March 23

Day 6: Art PCBs, Accidental Oscillators, and RF Simulations

Make your next PCB pop! Follow along as we create a majestic custom art PCB using only open source tools. Continue exploring CAD tools and listen in as Matt Ozalas discusses why RF simulation tools are an absolute necessity for today's cutting-edge technology.

March 30

Day 7: The new Electro Turbo Encabulator and OpenTAP

One is real, one is...something. Tune in to get more info about open source test automation platform OpenTAP and the new Keysight product announced suspiciously close to April 1st.

April 6

Day 8: Power Supplies!

Learn essential techniques that will make you a power supply whiz. Also, get career-changing tips from Chris Cain as he discusses the challenges of working with and leading remote R&D teams.

April 13

Day 9: RF is for the People

Some people say RF is "black magic." After this day you won't be one of them. We break down RF plots you need to know and sit down with VNA designer Joel Dunsmore to chat about whether the VNA could be "the one RF tool to rule them all."

April 20

Day 10: DMMs and Network Visibility

At first glance, DMMs seem simple, but a few simple tricks could save you hours of lab time. Become a DMM guru with this day's episode. Plus, learn how to ensure that your systems are operating the way you expect as Jason Lackey breaks down the importance of network visibility in a modern network.

April 27

Day 11: O-RAN and 5G

There's a lot to learn about 5G, so one day wasn't enough! Giampaolo Tardioli explores how 5G is a fundamental shift not just at the radio heads, but all the way up through the stack.