April 6, Day 8 of 11

Art-centric PCBs are a staple of badgelife, and who doesn't want a little flair on their board? Today's episode explores an entirely open source toolchain that lets you add art to your PCBs. Follow along as we create new special edition front panels for our oscilloscope out of FR4. There are some RGB LEDs involved, too!

In this week's live stream, we sit down with Chris Cain, General Manager of Keysight's Electronic Industrial Solutions Group, to discuss the challenges of working with R&D teams that spread time zones and continents. Hear his tips for achieving success as a dispersed, remote organization that creates leading-edge hardware.

To build up your power supply skills, check out Keysight University's Power Supply Basics course.

Here is today's Smart Bench Essentials Challenge winner.

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