March 23, Day 6

Welcome to a day of simulation and signal hacking!

Here are today's highlights: Is driving an RC car with the remote control a bit too mundane for you? Don't you wish it could drive itself? Your wish has been granted in today's episode. Follow along as we hack into a remote control system and drive an RC car through an obstacle course using only a function generator.

In this week’s live stream, Matt Ozalas exposes the growing need for highly accurate design simulation tools. Traditional methods make modern technologies like 5G difficult or impossible to test, so simulations play a large part of today's high-tech workflows. Matt explores how to avoid accidentally creating oscillators and the use of 3D Smith Charts.

To dig deeper into the world of simulation, check out Matt's Keysight University course below.

Tune back in on Tuesday, March 30 for another day of Keysight University Live festivities.