March 19, Day 5

Get a load of today’s events!

In today's episode we break out the electronic load and power supply to test a cheap DC-DC power converter and see if it meets its rated spec. We find out why it’s important to test the line regulation and load regulation of your supplies.

In today's live stream, we get to peek into the world of Quantum Computing. Liz Ruetsch, General Manger of Keysight's Quantum Engineering Solutions Group, gives an introduction to quantum computing, walks through the current state of quantum engineering, and shares what it's like leading an R&D team that's mostly quantum PhDs.

To learn more, check out related Keysight University courses that cover how to use a function generator, the basics of arbitrary waveform generation, and bench power supply basics.

Tune back in on Tuesday, March 23 for another day of Keysight University Live festivities.