March 15, Day 1

Welcome to the Benchtop Bonanza!

Here are today's highlights:

Score your lab setup with today’s episode, "Essential Tools Every Electronics Lab Needs." You can download a scorecard for yourself and follow along.

Check out the brand new Keysight Smart Bench Essentials benchtop equipment! We are proud to announce a brand new Triple Output Power Supply, Function Generator, and Digital Multimeter.

In today’s live stream, hear from John Kenny - the R&D lead of the Smart Bench Essentials gear - to learn about the design strategies and techniques that make these an instant classic. Also, get a look at the highlights of each of the new tools.

To keep learning, take the IoT 101 Keysight University course! In this course, we'll help you design more robust, resilient, and secure IoT devices to give you an advantage in the ever-competitive IoT marketplace.

Finally, enter the "Smart Bench Essentials Challenge" and tell us why you should win a new test gear setup valued at $2,500.